Danish Oil

Danish Oil vs Deck Oil – what’s the difference?

South African manufactured Gobelins Original Danish Oil and Gobelins Deck Oils are formulated specifically for use in South African climatic conditions.


Gobelins Danish Oil Original is suitable for use on all interior woodwork, furniture, kitchen furniture, wooden desks etc. and is also Eco-friendly; safe, non-toxic, and certified as complying with the requirements of EU regulation BSN71-3 allowing the product to be used as a coating on children’s toys.

We have now expanded our range to include three Danish Oil Products: Danish Oil Original, Danish Oil MT and Danish Oil Low VOC.

Our first product was the Danish Oil Original.  This contains all the finest ingredients available such as Pure Gum Turpentine as a solvent, Linseed Oil, and then the same additives as the other Oils, in varying proportions.

The Danish Oil MT is exactly the same as the Original Danish Oil except that the solvent used is a mineral solvent – and therefore is less expensive than the Original.

The LOW VOC Danish Oil is the same as the Danish Oil Original but with the absolute minimum amount of solvent which allows the product to be classified as ‘Low VOC’ with regards to it’s environmental footprint. The product effectively becomes thicker and is good for cabinet makers and craftsmen particularly. If necessary it can be diluted with either Gum Turpentine or Mineral turpentine.



Gobelins Deck Oils (and even our Gobelins Danish Oil Low VOC) are suited to exterior woodwork such as doors and windows, sundecks and patio furniture.

Application may be by dipping, spraying, brushing or a combination of these methods. Drying time is short, and decking can be walked on within an hour of application. No de-nibbing is required between coats as dust doesn’t adhere to the drying oil. For maximum benefit, 3 coats are recommended the first time Gobelins Deck Oil is applied. Thereafter a single coat is usually adequate when re-coating. Maintenance is simple; wash off accumulated dirt and grease, bird droppings etc. with soapy water, rinse and allow to dry before re-applying another coat of Gobelins Deck Oil. Re-coating at least once a year is recommended, but with no need to sand or remove previous coats this is a relatively painless task. Because the finish penetrates into the surface of the wood it doesn’t show scratches, nor flake, peel or blister.

The products have a vegetable oil base combined with vegetable solvents, and a minimum quantity of the best quality additives available to improve water repellent qualities, resistance to UV rays present in the harsh South African sunlight, and biocides that help preserve the coating by inhibiting the growth of algae and bacteria.

Gobelins Oils are also economical in use – typically covering 10-15 square meters per litre per coat which makes it very cost effective.

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