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As customer interaction is very important to us, we often receive specific questions from our Gobelins users.

By sharing some of those questions and answers, we thought it might help others in similar situations. We’ll update this page often with more Q&A and advice from The WoodCare Guy, so remember to check back again soon.

Q: Like any good male, I first applied Gobelins Danish Oil to my wooden furniture and then read the instructions.

I bought a new table that has been treated with Gobelins for coat one. I thereafter applied a second coat at home, but with a paintbrush. Now it is clear I applied too much as it all shiny – it looks varnished!

How do go about removing the thick layer and re-applying it correctly?


A: If I were you I would go the least harmful route of removing all of the Danish Oil with a good paint stripper, Plascon’s is the mildest and works well on Danish Oil and it will not be difficult to remove.
Most hardware stores will stock it. Buy the smallest quantity which if my memory serves me well is 1 liter.
Follow the instructions on the can ( forgive me! ) and when it has done it’s work and you have removed all the gunge, give the wood a good wash with mineral turps brushed on in the direction of the grain with a small fairly stiff brush to make sure all the gunge is washed out of the wood grain.
Wipe it down with a clean cotton cloth  and let it dry. When you are satisfied that it is clean apply another coat of Danish Oil. If you rub it in well and then wipe off the excess you should have a nice looking table top again.
Apply another coat sparingly the next day in the same way..on a table top I would apply three coats but not more.

If you think you are putting on too much you can stop and wipe off the Danish Oil before it has dried with mineral turps and a cotton cloth.

The main thing to remember about Danish Oil is that it is designed to penetrate into the wood and when it has absorbed enough subsequent coats will not dry well.

Danish Oil


Finally I would recommend a bottle of our Traditional Furniture Oil which is designed to be used on the furniture sparingly, but regularly as a maintenance product, and will keep it clean and smelling great.

3 thoughts on “Frequently Asked Questions

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    January 31, 2015 at 5:54 PM

    Can Gobelins low voc Danish oil be used to oil kitchen chopping boards?


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      February 5, 2015 at 12:54 PM

      Hi Robyne,

      Thanks for contacting us.
      To answer your question, yes you can certainly apply Danish Oil Low VOC to your chopping board as all of our Danish Oils are foodsafe. Once you have sealed the board with the Danish Oil, we recommend cleaning and maintaining it with our Gobelins BoardCare Oil which contains natural anti-bacterial properties.

      Kind regards,
      Lisa and Ian

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    December 5, 2016 at 10:58 AM

    I am making a coffee table with R-teak and have been told to use Danish oil.
    I live in Centurion and have not been able to find it.

    Could you please help. It is a Xmas gift.



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