Gun Stocks and WoodCare Products

This is probably not something you’d expect to see linked together in a blog post heading on a woodcare website.

But, did you know that we have many gun collectors and enthusiasts contacting us for products to use in the refurbishing of their rifles?

It just so happens that many guns and rifles have wooden stocks that just like any piece of wooden furniture, needs some TLC after time. This is where The WoodCare Company comes in. We don’t discriminate against any woods and happily offer solutions and suggestions where applicable.

In fact, we offer several products that are perfectly suited to the refurbishment of guns and rifles such as our Pure Tung Oil, our Tung Oil Blend and also our Danish Oils. We’ve even recommended our Furniture Reviver and our Liquid Sandpaper to a customer to clean and restore the gun stock to it’s original condition.

gun rifle stock woodcare tung oil danish

To sum it up in the words of one such customer, here’s some feedback we recently received:

“Hello Lisa/Ian

I would just like to say thanks.

The products (Furniture Reviver, Tung Oil Blend, Danish Oil, Liquid Sand Paper), are extremely good and of very high quality.

I decided to rub down my entire rifle stock (which took a bit of time), clean up with the Reviver and applied the Tung Oil Blend. I left 24 hours between quotes and applied the “less is more” philosophy.

I am extremely pleased with the results. I will be putting on the third and final application tonight.

Your products have actually given me a new appreciation for wood. I actually did some trials between the Danish and Tung Blend on a piece of pine and that grain just jumps out at you after application.

Thanks a million for the advice and your products. I’ll sure be passing your information around.


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